Top 2 Cheats And Tips To Know About Toon Blast Game!

Lots of puzzle games are out there by the game industry, and Toon Blast is one of them to provide lots of enjoyment for puzzle lovers.

When you enter the game, you’ll meet lots of cartoons like- cooper cat, wolfly wolf, Bruno bear, and many other cartoons. They will be there for you to pass multiple levels and travel to magical worlds.

Each level brings new challenges, activities, and hardness for you. It’s just like to join the toon gang and blast various puzzles.

Also, it allows all the students to enhance real-life mental skills. Here we discuss some top cheats and tips which helps to enjoy more, unlimited fun and get a chance to become a pro player.

Make unique puzzles and use boosters

When it makes it hard for you to pass the level, then you can easily use the boosters to blast more cubes.

Also, in each level, a user finds some unique puzzles to make a super bomb. That allows them to make a big blast and earn more rewards quickly. Don’t use the boosters in easy puzzles as it is limited for tough situations.

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The game permits you to make big matches in order to create rocket, hammer, bomb and disco ball. These all balls can be used to win more levels.


Mainly there is one currency used to perform every task i.e., coins. It is the premium currency of the game which is used to earn in sufficient amount. Without making the currency more, you cannot run the level. It means there is no enjoyment without this currency.

Don’t worry as by-passing multiple levels you can easily create coins. Also, by signing up with Facebook, one can earn free coins. These cheats for toon blast is suggested to collect the coins in sufficient amount, which helps to achieve every goal.

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