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Important Tips & Tricks About Call Of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile is an action game, and there are so many important things that players have to learn & understand in order to win and earn COD points.

The Publishers and developers of Call of Duty Mobile have done great work, and every player was an expert in this kind of work from Call of Duty.

Majority of gamers who play Call of Duty Mobile know about the game and how it works, but still, there are some tips that players have to know in order to earn Call of Duty points and also win the battles.

It’s an online multiplayer game, and in it, everything happens with the internet and without the internet, you can’t operate anything.

It requires high speciation devices to perform smooth because of frame rates, and glitch chances are less in high specs devices.

Tips and Tricks to earn COD points

COD points are a major part of the game because, with the help of this, gamers can unlock many amazing things game, and all these things can be used in the matches.

From weapons to dances and to airships, everything can be replaced in new skins that look incredibly amazing. Now, if you want to earn Free COD Points, then you have to follow few points.

Play Battle Royale modes

The Best way to earn to COD points just start playing battle royale mode and earn as much as you want to earn the points.

COD Points are easy to earn, but in order to earn in huge amounts, players have to kill so many players also make great strategies to earn.

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Every player plays royale, and it will help you to kill as many as possible players in, and chances of earning points will be enhancing too.

Login daily

Who doesn’t want to have an amazing bunch of skins, and if you think same then, you have to login daily.

The everyday game provides rewards, and if you log in daily, there are chances of getting crates, and after opening the crates, you can have skins or dresses. So just login daily and unlock new things in free and enjoy with friends as well.

Complete daily missions

Everyday Call of Duty Mobile game provide daily tasks and mission, and they also reward with many great things if you complete the mission.

The mission can be base on anything like killing a particular number of men, use a particular gun to kill enemies, use bombs, and many more procedures to complete missions and earn points.

Open crates

Creates are an amazing thing in the game, and if you want to have amazing skins, then you can use crates.

Millions of players play it every day, and everyday reward is different that makes Call of Duty Mobile more attractive.

Crates can be earned in many ways in the game. One of the best ways to earn the crates is to play the missions and win matches ad one crate will be yours.