My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game- How To Play And Earn Currency?

My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game is wholly based on various adventurous stories. A user needs to create their own story by selecting the favorite character and chapter.

It helps a user to enjoy every moment and enhance real-life skills accurately. If you don’t know how to create a fantastic story, there is no need to worry more as here we discuss all about the game.

Be careful regarding options

When it comes to playing the game, every user needs to solve various multiple type question and needs to choose the best answer.

It permits all the users to perform the next action which he/she needs to go through a character.

Selecting the right option matters a lot for the player when it comes to making story accurate. Be careful while choosing any option which determines what is going to be next.

Create a great look

While selecting a character male or female, you should also need to dress up them. It helps to create a great personality among other game characters.

Not only making a personality while playing the dating chapters it helps a user to make a perfect love story.

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To unlock every type of chapter/story and needs to buy various items, one needs to earn game currency. Two types of currencies are used while playing the game:

  • Diamonds
  • Tickets

One can either make these currencies by spending real money or can use such ways. Such ways are like to collect daily rewards, making EXP’s, completing starting stories and other things.

Don’t panic! It’s not tough to earn the currency as when you play the game, it will automatically teach how to draw more. Additionally, you should be more focused on my story choose your own path diamonds hack rather than on other resources.

Also, don’t try to miss up to a tutorial of game which helps to learn more functions and settings.

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