Facts to Know About Game of Thrones: Conquest- Mobile Game!

facts to know about game of thrones conquest

If you are waiting for a new session of GOT from more extended time, then now it’s you don’t need to wait for more.

A newly eighth session of GOT is launched with Game of Thrones: Conquest name for Android and iOS devices. Well, the game is free to play, but some of the game items are purchasable where players need to fight for Iron throne.

Lots of exciting battle missions, building tasks, and resources challenges are available, which makes the game number one as compared to other MMORTG games.

One can easily play the game to reduce all mental stress by exploring endless entertainment. There are different facts added in the game which you should know while playing the game.

Knowing all events helps you to progress faster as well as enjoy every moment of playing.

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Different quests

Live quests are arranged for players in which they need to perform all necessary tasks. It helps them to understand all game basics, controls, system, and functions.

Don’t panic the quests are easy to play as one needs to complete some basics tasks to earn rewards, in-game currencies besides other bonuses.

Also completing every kind of quests helps you to succeed in the game without getting stressed.

In-game currencies

Every game includes such kinds of currencies from which different game items can be purchased as well as tasks can be performed smoothly.

Well, there are four main types of currencies used in Game of Thrones: Conquest which helps players a lot. All users must maintain currencies in right amount always if they don’t need to go out of resources.

  • Gold
  • Coins
  • Resources
  • Food

Also, from these currencies, gamers can make their army stronger enough to become the greatest warrior by winning every fight/battle.

There are different got conquest cheats available from which you are able to earn currencies.


Players need to find different resources for leading their own house, units, forging alliances with other online players besides for managing threats.

Collecting foods and resources is essential for the users if they need to survive in the game more. Also, if you need to achieve the Iron Throne for becoming a master, learn to manage all resources correctly. Here is a great got conquest free gold hack that you can use legally to manage your resources.

New troops with high-tier rarity

Unlocking new levels and passing each level correctly helps you to obtain different new high rarity troops. High-tier rarity troops are generally more potent than other forces.

With the help of those troops you are able to enhance chances of winning without getting stressed.  You need to fight in hard competition when you level up faster, so don’t forget to keep train all the troops.

Training can make them stronger enough to win every battle smoothly.

Log in every day in the game

Logging every day in the game offers exciting rewards to users who are inconsiderable. Well, there is no need to pay any cent for performing this job as it is entirely free.

So don’t forget to collect different kinds of rewards quickly.

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