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Chapters Interactive Stories Tips Tricks And Cheats!

chapters interactive stories tips and tricks

Chapters Interactive Stories is a role-playing game that is available for various platforms such as android and iOS. No doubt, the game has a high rating due to its amazing gameplay and features.

Before start playing the game, players need to understand the basics, and then they can take help from the tutorial. After the completion of the tutorial, players can enjoy the real gameplay, which offers plenty of stories based on various genres.

Choose your favorite genre and then pick the right story to get started. The outcome of the story depends on your choices; that why you need to take every step wisely.

In every story, you can find the different chapters where you need to make choices. Make your choices smartly because it will make a direct impact on the outcomes. Players should also understand some crucial tips to play the game in a better way.

Diamonds and tickets

While playing Chapters Interactive Stories, players should understand the importance of diamonds and tickets.

Well, these are the main currencies that players can either purchase from the game store or earn by using the traditional methods. Both of the currencies have equal importance, which you should never ignore.

Try to understand the various methods of earning these currencies and then spend them wisely. Learn how to acquire these resources with ease. After this, try to earn the diamonds as more as you can to play the game smoothly.

It is also important for players to spend the currencies after paying proper attention to numerous factors. With the help of this, players can play the game for a long time without facing numerous complications. And that’s why it is advised that players should maintain the balance of in-game currencies and other aspects.

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Complete the daily tasks

In this game, you will be provided with some daily tasks which you should complete properly to claim your rewards. It is important to perform these tasks in the right manner to win rewards in the form of tickets or other in-game resources.

Try to complete more and more tasks daily to get rewards quickly. Grab all the rewards, and then it will help you to gain lots of in-game resources. In this way, you can play various chapters of different stories to make progress.

Make sure you are spending these resources properly; otherwise, you may also fall into a troublesome situation. 

Other aspects

The game has been launched by the top best game developer in order to make your game experience interesting. It offers several chapters of the stories where you need to play the role of a character.

This character should look good and make the right decision at every stage. Make sure you are customizing the look of your character perfectly to make it look good.

And then, you should make the right choices to level up faster and reach the final outcome of the stories. Unlock new chapters and start playing stories to get in-game resources as rewards.

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Basic Madden Mobile Tricks To Be Pro In The Game


To play Madden Mobile game with skill and proficiency you need some extra tips to play the game well. When you are equipped with such guidance, you can easily play with more efficiency and beat opponents.

You can also go through the features of Madden NFL again so that important facts might register in your mind.

Implementing Good Strategies

Gather good strategies to play the game; plan the best way to win points; complete achievements; choose good techniques for offense and defense; do research on the positive aspects of your players and then proceed with your game.

By using the right strategy you can block goals, handle the game properly, use proper defense formation and learn to use the appropriate players in their position.

Getting Good Players

Any team that has good players at each position will certainly win. You should be able to position your team we.

Get good players who have high value. You can also get them cheaper at the Auction. A good player will help you to compete with the opponent and get more points for the team.

Though players can be changed, you need more money to get outperforming and elite players.

When you have popular players in your team, you will also increase the number of fans that come along with such players and will increase the coin number with the fan population.

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Increase Stamina

With more stamina, you can play the Madden Mobile game longer. You can also get XP Boost to play with more vigor.

Getting points

When you start the game, you will get about 100 coins. But there is so much to spend on that it just gets drained out.

You can play seasons and get 1500 coins when you finish each seasons. If you are on a winning streak you will get 350 XP which will help you to climb up levels.

You can also unlock achievements to accumulate more coins. But for unlimited supply of coins the best method is to make use of madden mobile hack tools.

The Madden mobile game is one of the most enjoyed gaming adventure, which is recommended for all type of gamers, be it young or old.

With ability you can win competitions and gather good players into your team by which you can easily win many games.

By collecting coins on your mobile, you can acquire the best players to play in your team. You can get more playtimes to play the game for longer durations.

You can also buy many items for your team such as logos, dresses and other things for the players to use while playing and showing that the team belongs to you.

Build the ultimate team and just watch the results. The graphics and features used in the game have already attracted many users to the game.

Keep your players who you feel are the best in that position so that they will win laurels for your team. Get cash, coins and stamina by playing the game well.


Jackpot Party Casino Guide to Play and Explore Ultimate Graphics

jackpot party casino guide

Casino games are always a great part of mobile games because every player does not get to play on real casinos.

Jackpot Party Casino is a mobile game that allows the players to win lots of huge jackpots, and it provides the exact experience of casino games.

Jackpot Party Casino is not like other casino games, and there are several unique kinds of slot machines available, and f players want to get the greatest experience, then they have to unlock the slot machine of game.

Jackpot Party Casino is a legendary and revolutionary casino game where more than 100 slot machines are available, and every slot machines work with a different concept, and they are based on different rules.

Explore the ultimate graphics of Jackpot Party Casino

The graphics of Jackpot Party Casino is better than all other casino games in mobile devices. The great thing about the graphics that they are very colourful and 3D, and this is what makes the game great while playing. In order to enhance the gameplay, the developers have provided extreme amazing graphics, and you can experience it while playing the game.

As I mentioned that in Jackpot Party Casino, lots of slot machines are available, and every slot machine works in a different way. Every slot machine is designed uniquely and differently, and this is what Jackpot Party Casino and attractive and addictive game.

Lots of players play Jackpot Party Casino is because they want to unlock the slot machine to find how every machine looks, and it can be considered that it also makes the game popular.

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Guide to gameplay

Jackpot Party Casino is quite easy, but the main thing in the game that players must have is coins, and it can be earned if the player wins and play it daily.

The majority of players have played several casino games, and they have found that Jackpot Party Casino is one of the best casino games available in the Appstore and Playstore.

At the beginning of the game, it will automatically provide some amount of coins to play ad spin the slot machines to win more.

Basically, every time you start to spin the machine, you have to make sure that you place a high amount of bet because that is how you can win a huge amount of coins.

Every player has a different way of playing, but it is one of the best ways to win a higher amount of coins. Casino games are easy to play, and any players can play them because, in Jackpot Party Casino, players just have to operate the slot machine, which is all about luck, timing, and bets.

You can earn lots of money just by spin the slot machine, and there is no other way to do it. It’s easy to earn in Jackpot Party Casino, and you can be a rich player in the game if you place the right bet every time, you can earn just amount of coins.

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Important Tips & Tricks About Call Of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile is an action game, and there are so many important things that players have to learn & understand in order to win and earn COD points.

The Publishers and developers of Call of Duty Mobile have done great work, and every player was an expert in this kind of work from Call of Duty.

Majority of gamers who play Call of Duty Mobile know about the game and how it works, but still, there are some tips that players have to know in order to earn Call of Duty points and also win the battles.

It’s an online multiplayer game, and in it, everything happens with the internet and without the internet, you can’t operate anything.

It requires high speciation devices to perform smooth because of frame rates, and glitch chances are less in high specs devices.

Tips and Tricks to earn COD points

COD points are a major part of the game because, with the help of this, gamers can unlock many amazing things game, and all these things can be used in the matches.

From weapons to dances and to airships, everything can be replaced in new skins that look incredibly amazing. Now, if you want to earn Free COD Points, then you have to follow few points.

Play Battle Royale modes

The Best way to earn to COD points just start playing battle royale mode and earn as much as you want to earn the points.

COD Points are easy to earn, but in order to earn in huge amounts, players have to kill so many players also make great strategies to earn.

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Every player plays royale, and it will help you to kill as many as possible players in, and chances of earning points will be enhancing too.

Login daily

Who doesn’t want to have an amazing bunch of skins, and if you think same then, you have to login daily.

The everyday game provides rewards, and if you log in daily, there are chances of getting crates, and after opening the crates, you can have skins or dresses. So just login daily and unlock new things in free and enjoy with friends as well.

Complete daily missions

Everyday Call of Duty Mobile game provide daily tasks and mission, and they also reward with many great things if you complete the mission.

The mission can be base on anything like killing a particular number of men, use a particular gun to kill enemies, use bombs, and many more procedures to complete missions and earn points.

Open crates

Creates are an amazing thing in the game, and if you want to have amazing skins, then you can use crates.

Millions of players play it every day, and everyday reward is different that makes Call of Duty Mobile more attractive.

Crates can be earned in many ways in the game. One of the best ways to earn the crates is to play the missions and win matches ad one crate will be yours.

Plant Vs Zombies 2 Review

plants vs zombies 2 review

The new mega-hit Plant Vs Zombies 2 provides a great new energetic game.  The best part is completely free, although optional In-App purchases are possible.

You can plant sunflowers, defend against the zombies and open new levels in this game.

In this game, you can plant against zombies. Read this article and save the world from contamination with Zombie.

Things that we appreciate

Grow Powerful Plants

Use seed packets when you play and use them as never before to power your crops. Power up attacks, double-down defence, quicker planting time and even more.

Upgrade your plants to make sure the zombies are gone!

Discover Hundreds of Plants and Zombies

Select your favourite lawn icons, such as Sunflower and Peashooter, as well as hundreds of other vegetable hotshots such as Lava Guava and Laser Bean.

You will have to shield your brain from the raging zombie chicken. With a massive array of Zombie at every turn, like the Jetpack Zombie or Mermaid Imp!

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Journey Through Space and Time

Fight over the 11 mad planets, the Far Future and beyond of Ancient Egypt. There is always a new challenge to complete with over 300 levels, ultra-distant locations, fun mini-games and regular Piñata Party activities.

Therefore, plan your best defences–Dr Zomboss awaits you at the end of all the planet!

Compete Against Other Players

Check out the most points per match from head to head with the players around the world. Choose your plants to win and get more points based on your team’s strength and how many zombies you kill.

Beat the score of your opponent to win crowns and keep you on top of the League. Combine your winning streak to collect award-winning prizes and make your team the ultimate pitcher!

Explore More with the Travel Log

Where to go next? Stumped? Consult your Travel Log to launch provocative questions that have only been created for you.

Total scheduled queries or a variety of Epic quests, until the time, runs out, and receive special prizes.

The two most unlikely features

The latest godlike powers you can use now are an item that doesn’t feel very at home. While you were only an undead holder before you, time travel somehow allowed you to pinch your eyes. Turn off the screen and blast them dead with lightning. Although it is relatively easy to use the touch screen, because of their pure strength, they do any mission nearby.

Luckily, it is a little expensive to shop using the in-game currency. But you will find the game much simpler if you are ready to throw down real money.

The ability to pay money to promote the game is a common trope in modern iOS games. But such free passes seem blasphemous with Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hacked, a series that prides itself on its strategy and strategic thinking.

The main problem with Plant Vs Zombies 2 depends probably on how concerned they are about the awkward game balance problems in the freemium model.

PopCap developer has been forced to reassure fans of the show that some gameplay components were anticipated, while EA publisher probably tried every chance to extract more cash from the player.

The outcome is an unpaid game that seems to penalize you in every way that you can imagine if you choose not.

Introduction to Coin Master – Enjoy An Epic Adventure Game With Spins!

Coin Master Review

Lots of adventure games are out there in recent times for more enjoyment and Coin Master is one of them.

Hundreds of villages or islands are available in the game where you can travel or can become king. Basically, you are the Viking leader of your town which you need to upgrade by obtaining items.

Spin the wheel for grabbing upgrades as well as other in-game items. Also, there is an app purchase option is available for buying the game items instantly.

Moon Active develops the game for Android and iOS platforms. There is no need to pay any cent for downloading or running the game as it is entirely free available.

Well, tons of challenging levels or tasks you need to perform for succeeding in the game. Playing the game smoothly allows you to explore endless fun besides reduce all stress.

Mentioned below are some of the exciting facts explained of Coin Master game-

Coin Master Currencies Guide

There are two kinds of currencies used in Coin Master game named as coins and spins. Coins are considered as the primary currency of the game from which players can buy in-game items if they don’t get them by turns.

Spins play a vital role in the game from which all items can be earned freely. It helps them to make those items which are essential for village upgrade.

Using all currencies wisely allow gamers to progress faster like no one another can. In earlier stages, users get free eight spins and after that five free spins per hour. Meanwhile, for further free resources guide, one can try to get this legit coin master hack that works legally.

Connect with Facebook

If you want to earn free coins or need to invite friends to play the game, you can easily connect the game account with Facebook.

Also, it helps you to make an array of benefits, bonuses, and rewards for free. Each friend who joins the game firstly offers you free 25 spins to get items.

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Hammer is considered as one of the essential items from the spin list. With the help of this item, users are able to attack different villages or islands.

Note that hammer can be used once per time. Make sure that you are choosing the right time or place to use hammer correctly without facing any issue.

It allows you to loot other villages perfectly besides gain more items.


No doubt with the name of this item, users can understand its uses and benefits. The shield is used to protecting your village from outer damages and attacks.

Other players are waiting for loot; they can attack your town anytime. Using protection at a perfect time helps to avoid the attacks and progress faster.

The pets

When players pass level 4th, they are able to unlock the pets. Pets help them a lot while going on raids or while performing any work.

Gamers can easily use the pets in various ways such as-

  • Foxy will help to dig up the other spot while going on raids.
  • Tiger increases the coins that you earned from raids.
  • Rhino provides super protection to your village for avoiding all attacks.

Facts to Know About Game of Thrones: Conquest- Mobile Game!

facts to know about game of thrones conquest

If you are waiting for a new session of GOT from more extended time, then now it’s you don’t need to wait for more.

A newly eighth session of GOT is launched with Game of Thrones: Conquest name for Android and iOS devices. Well, the game is free to play, but some of the game items are purchasable where players need to fight for Iron throne.

Lots of exciting battle missions, building tasks, and resources challenges are available, which makes the game number one as compared to other MMORTG games.

One can easily play the game to reduce all mental stress by exploring endless entertainment. There are different facts added in the game which you should know while playing the game.

Knowing all events helps you to progress faster as well as enjoy every moment of playing.

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Different quests

Live quests are arranged for players in which they need to perform all necessary tasks. It helps them to understand all game basics, controls, system, and functions.

Don’t panic the quests are easy to play as one needs to complete some basics tasks to earn rewards, in-game currencies besides other bonuses.

Also completing every kind of quests helps you to succeed in the game without getting stressed.

In-game currencies

Every game includes such kinds of currencies from which different game items can be purchased as well as tasks can be performed smoothly.

Well, there are four main types of currencies used in Game of Thrones: Conquest which helps players a lot. All users must maintain currencies in right amount always if they don’t need to go out of resources.

  • Gold
  • Coins
  • Resources
  • Food

Also, from these currencies, gamers can make their army stronger enough to become the greatest warrior by winning every fight/battle.

There are different got conquest cheats available from which you are able to earn currencies.


Players need to find different resources for leading their own house, units, forging alliances with other online players besides for managing threats.

Collecting foods and resources is essential for the users if they need to survive in the game more. Also, if you need to achieve the Iron Throne for becoming a master, learn to manage all resources correctly. Here is a great got conquest free gold hack that you can use legally to manage your resources.

New troops with high-tier rarity

Unlocking new levels and passing each level correctly helps you to obtain different new high rarity troops. High-tier rarity troops are generally more potent than other forces.

With the help of those troops you are able to enhance chances of winning without getting stressed.  You need to fight in hard competition when you level up faster, so don’t forget to keep train all the troops.

Training can make them stronger enough to win every battle smoothly.

Log in every day in the game

Logging every day in the game offers exciting rewards to users who are inconsiderable. Well, there is no need to pay any cent for performing this job as it is entirely free.

So don’t forget to collect different kinds of rewards quickly.

Monster Legends Currency Guide – How to Earn More in Massive Amount? Go Pro

A Complete Monster Legends Currency Guide For You

Lots of battle games are out there, which includes lots of challenging missions, and Monster Legends is one of them.

Monster Legends can be played on both iOS and Android devices for free. One can find many battling challenges, levels, missions in the game, which permits users to explore endless fun. Playing the game smoothly helps all players to learn new skills as well as reduce all mental stress.

Each player in the game needs to create a stronger army of monsters plus island as a base. Having a stronger military and support permits a player to win every single fight.

So we can say that if you need to create a mighty army or island, there is a need to earn in-game currency in a more massive amount.

It’s not an easy task to earn currencies in Monster Legends, but also it is not impossible. Don’t worry, here we are going to mention all simple monster legends hacks to make all currencies of the game without wasting more efforts.

Even paying attention to forthcoming content helps you to progress in the game faster like no one another can.

*Note- there are three kinds of currencies used in Monster Legends namely- Gold, Gems, and Food.*

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  • Unlock achievements

Unlocking various achievements wisely helps users to earn all currencies in sufficient amount. For unlocking different achievements, one needs to complete daily tasks besides need to win over different opponents.

Also using such milestones and points helps you to perform this task smoothly without getting more stressed. Unlocking any rare achievement offer free 300 gems plus gold to players so don’t forget to take this advantage.

  • Daily rewards

Even players have no more time to play the game; they are suggested to collect daily rewards for free.  This task is hardly performed in a minimum of 2 minutes.

There is no need to wait for a longer time as it is so easy to sign in and collect daily rewards. In other words, receiving daily prizes also offers free gems, gold, and food.

  • Earn EXP’s

Earn more EXP’s and grab the chance to obtain free in-game currencies.  For earning EXP’s players need to finish rival monster island beside the need to win over them quickly.

Also, it helps users to unlock premium eggs from which they can serve more food to their army.

  • Feed more food to monsters

For earning more and more currencies always without facing any lack of issues, then you should feed the army more.

From this task, you are able to make the military stronger, and they can easily win every fight to earn currencies.

This task is easy to perform as players need to buy food from food packages by spending gold and gems, and this function repeat wisely.


Hope with information mentioned above; one can learn how to maintain in-game currencies correctly besides in more massive amount.

So we can easily conclude that paying attention to master ways can help users to progress faster.

An Ultimate Guide To Guns Of Glory Gift Codes!


Are you trying to succeed in Guns of Glory game quickly? Desire to become a pro player? If yes, then in order to solve all targets, you need to pay attention to the mentioned content. Lots of Guns of Glory Gift Codes are added in the game to earn gifts, rewards, resources quickly. It helps a user to explore unlimited fun by becoming a pro player as soon as possible. In other words, using top guns of glory gift codes enables a user to earn resources without spending many efforts on missions.

If you are the one who doesn’t know how to use them, what are the codes, how to get them? Then don’t panic more! As here we are going to discuss all about it. With the help of that, you can achieve your targets quickly as no one another can.

What are the codes?

Codes are a kind of sources from which a user can earn lots of gifts, rewards, and resources for free. They don’t need to waste more time to complete various missions for rewards as by filling them is a great idea.

How to use the codes?

  • Go to your profile
  • Open the settings
  • Find redeem codes
  • Fill the codes
  • Enjoy gifts, rewards, and resources.

List of latest codes and its uses-


This code is used by more players from which a gamer can unlock free app purchases. With the help of this gift code, those players who are spending money on app purchases don’t need to do that. It permits them to use the system and achieve the target for free without getting much stressed.

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Using this gift code helps you to earn free-

  • Small Lord EXP
  • Refining stones
  • Tarot stone
  • VIP coins
  • Speedup
  • Gold
  • Sooth stones
  • Medium Airship EXP


This code can be used to get

  • 5M speedup
  • Little Airship EXP
  • Little lord EXP
  • Assault components
  • 100 golds
  • And other parts for defeating the rivals


It is considered as one of the robust codes which helps a player to earn lots of rare rewards. This robust code can offer hundreds of resources and grow in the game faster. Desire to autoplay multiple accounts? If yes, then use this code once.

It is recommended for every user to check the code expiry date before using it. With that, one can enjoy the benefit of gifts without getting more stressed.

Why use codes?

If you need to play the game manually without getting anyone help, then there is no need for codes. These codes help a user to earn more rewards and unlock the levels as soon as possible. Each gamer has its way in addition to a strategy for playing the game. It is not compulsory to use the codes every time. One who needs to succeed faster with some hacks can use this system; otherwise, one can do manually. If we talk about hacks then using codes doesn’t include in hack system. We can see easily that it is some kinds of cheats which helps a player a lot.

So, we can easily conclude that it depends upon the gamer to use Guns of Glory Gift Codes or not as there is no compulsion.

An Ultimate Beginners Guide To Design Home Game!


Design Home is an ideal game for those users who love to decorate and design their home. It helps them to learn various decorative skills besides enjoying every moment. Design Home Game is developed by the Crowdstar available on both devices for free i.e., Android and iOS. Lots of challenges, tasks, missions are added in the game which helps users to explore unlimited fun.

Each user needs to adopt useful tactics for making the rooms more attractive as no one another can. Several furniture items, in addition to decorative materials, are added in the game which you need to purchase. It helps to make a dream house. Multiple players from around the world love to play Design Home Game for free without getting stressed.

There are some essential tips available which every user should know to progress in the game faster. Paying attention to expert tips helps a user to enjoy the game more.

  • Starting out

When starting out in level 1st, try to use every item even if you don’t like them. It leads to salvage of more money, which permits a user to grow further quickly. When one passes the level, he/she needs to pay for that furniture needed to decorate the house. No, if you think that there is a need to spend real money, then you are entirely wrong. Some game currencies are added in the game which you need to earn for performing every single task.

When making a purchase try to understand whether the item will be used further or not? If the item should not be used in the future, there is no need to waste money on it. In simple words, go for that purchase, which can be reused in every single challenge.

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  • Daily rewards

Even if you don’t have enough time to play the game due to a busy schedule, don’t forget to collect the daily prize. Just free up 5 minutes to login in the game and to receive multiple regular rewards. It helps a user to manage various resources which can be used to decorate the rooms. It’s an easy task to gain rewards by logging in every day without wasting more time.

  • Pay attention to the theme

Each challenge contains its objectives in addition to theme. One needs to choose the theme according to room items, which helps to create everything beautiful. Try to design the challenge according to the theme provided, which helps to complete it quickly. For example, if you need to develop a new place, there is no need to buy heavy leather items. Just follow the theme for faster growth.

  • Collect more diamonds and cash

Cash and diamonds are two main currency used in Design Home Game. With the help of these currencies, one can perform every task smoothly without getting much stressed. It is essential for every user to maintain the money in sufficient amount as it helps to clear tough situations. Don’t panic! Many things are available in the game, which allows collecting the currency in a more significant amount. Moreover, we suggest you to checkout here some amazing design home hack, cheats, tips and tricks that helps to be a pro player swiftly.