An Ultimate Beginners Guide To Design Home Game!


Design Home is an ideal game for those users who love to decorate and design their home. It helps them to learn various decorative skills besides enjoying every moment. Design Home Game is developed by the Crowdstar available on both devices for free i.e., Android and iOS. Lots of challenges, tasks, missions are added in the game which helps users to explore unlimited fun.

Each user needs to adopt useful tactics for making the rooms more attractive as no one another can. Several furniture items, in addition to decorative materials, are added in the game which you need to purchase. It helps to make a dream house. Multiple players from around the world love to play Design Home Game for free without getting stressed.

There are some essential tips available which every user should know to progress in the game faster. Paying attention to expert tips helps a user to enjoy the game more.

  • Starting out

When starting out in level 1st, try to use every item even if you don’t like them. It leads to salvage of more money, which permits a user to grow further quickly. When one passes the level, he/she needs to pay for that furniture needed to decorate the house. No, if you think that there is a need to spend real money, then you are entirely wrong. Some game currencies are added in the game which you need to earn for performing every single task.

When making a purchase try to understand whether the item will be used further or not? If the item should not be used in the future, there is no need to waste money on it. In simple words, go for that purchase, which can be reused in every single challenge.

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  • Daily rewards

Even if you don’t have enough time to play the game due to a busy schedule, don’t forget to collect the daily prize. Just free up 5 minutes to login in the game and to receive multiple regular rewards. It helps a user to manage various resources which can be used to decorate the rooms. It’s an easy task to gain rewards by logging in every day without wasting more time.

  • Pay attention to the theme

Each challenge contains its objectives in addition to theme. One needs to choose the theme according to room items, which helps to create everything beautiful. Try to design the challenge according to the theme provided, which helps to complete it quickly. For example, if you need to develop a new place, there is no need to buy heavy leather items. Just follow the theme for faster growth.

  • Collect more diamonds and cash

Cash and diamonds are two main currency used in Design Home Game. With the help of these currencies, one can perform every task smoothly without getting much stressed. It is essential for every user to maintain the money in sufficient amount as it helps to clear tough situations. Don’t panic! Many things are available in the game, which allows collecting the currency in a more significant amount. Moreover, we suggest you to checkout here some amazing design home hack, cheats, tips and tricks that helps to be a pro player swiftly.

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